It's an icons birthday!

Escrito em 18 de dezembro de 2020

It's an icons birthday!

The legendary Clio V6 marks its 20th birthday.

First presented to the world as a concept at the 1998 Paris Motor Show, which marked Renault´s centennial, the Clio V6 was on a league of its own.

Getting inspiration from the legendary Renault 5 Turbo rally car, it boasted a mid mounted V6 engine from the racing Clio Trophy, with 230hp, that then got a bump up to 255hp with the Phase 2, courtesy of reworked cylinder heads and a more efficient, freer-flowing induction system.

Interestingly, Renault didn't build a single one of the 1631 Phase 1 units, outsourcing it to Tom Wilkinshaw Racing in Sweden, later moving it to its Dieppe factory for the Phase 2.

It was something no one had seen for a long time and never did since, but we would surely like to see again.